What I Do


Producing a record is one of the most challenging but enjoyable things a musician can do. The best production sessions will take your songs to heights you never thought they could reach and leave you with something you can be truly proud of and what could be better than that? It’s the most enjoyable part of the process, it’s the most creative part and ultimately, the most important so, naturally, you need to get it right.

A great record starts at the source with you and the sounds you make. Great production is about translating great songs into a great sonic experience and it’s the part where you can have the most fun and learn the most about who you are and what being a creative musician really means. It’s not about making something ‘commercial’ or ‘current’ or whatever industry buzzword happens to come to mind, it’s about you and how your music makes you and the listener feel.

With every production, whether it’s a Folk album, a metal EP or a Pop single, my focus is always on getting the best performance out of you. When I say best, I don’t mean ‘perfect’ or ‘flawless’ I mean the most quintessentially ‘you’. I want you to have fun, to look back at the time you spent in the studio and smile because you made something amazing and you loved doing it.

If that sounds like the way you think about making records, then get in touch because we can make something brilliant, I’m dead sure of it.


Whether you have produced it with me or have tracked it elsewhere, I can take your raw tracks and turn them into something you would be happy to share with the world. Although I work on Pro Tools and use loads of modern plugins with all the editing and manipulative tools that implies, I mix as I would like to hear music myself from the standpoint of someone that thinks of music as a product of the Human imagination. In other words, I’m not going to polish out everything that makes a record unique.

I want your mixes to standout and have the character and nuance your music deserves; I use modern equipment but I think about your mixes and music as a musician would and I want the organic qualities of your performances to shine through.

I use excellent monitoring from Quested, great conversion from Universal Audio and a vast array of high-end plugins from the likes of Universal Audio, Waves and Fab Filter to make your music sound great.


The final piece of the jigsaw; I take a balanced and meticulously crafted mix and add that final layer of shimmer, width and energy we are all used to hearing on our favourite records. A great master turns a great mix into a cherished body of work and can bring the best out of a recording. I have mastered records for the likes of Cleft, Vasa, Inscape and many others.

If you have any questions, head over to the contacts page and get in touch.