Trapdoor Studio

Trapdoor Studios is my recording home in Liverpool, UK. Setup in 2019 with the help of lots of generous Indiegogo contributions, I’ve slowly been turning it into a beautifully creative space to make a record.

The studio was setup in memory of my dear friend Dan Wild-Beesley who passed away in 2018. We always dreamed of having a studio together so I couldn’t think of a better way to remember him by.

The emphasis is on cosy and comfortable so you can relax and have fun recording your music.

The live room is nice and big with plenty of room to record a full band.

Situated just a couple of miles from Liverpool city centre, off Edge Lane (one of the main routes into the city) it’s easy to access from all over the North West.


Cosy control room


Lots of juicy amps


Nice big Live Room

To book your session at Trapdoor Studios, email